Posted by: lamiaz | November 18, 2007

Silent Strength…

Silent Stremgth  “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength.” Ralph Sockman

 Yesterday I was talking with a dear friend about digging up my inner strength to overcome an issue I am going through right now. I found myself wondering after I hung up the phone; but what is strength? And what characterises it? How should I act if I am being ‘strong’?

Is being outspoken and assertive a characteristic of a strong person? Is being moral and upstanding a prerequisite for someone to be strong? Is strength the ability to go through life untouched? unaffected? unhurt? unbroken?

Or is strength the way in which we handle life’s struggles and dilemmas? is this by which people judge us?

I think strength is belief. Call me a romantic, but I think we were all created strong. We were all created believing in ourselves and in our capabilities. With the right guidance and beliefs, there is no limit to our strength. Strength is often silent, unheard of. Those who are strong are those who do not defend themselves the loudest, or go after their rights with vengeance, and certainly not those who lash out to spite or hurt others.

 I think genuine strength is the silent beauty that is forgiveness, patience, tolerance and understanding.

When I think of it this way, I can not help but think that I have a looong way to go before I consider myself a ‘genuinely strong’ person.

What is strength to you? 

 I end this post with one of Khalil Gibran’s timeless quotes…

“The very strength that protects the heart from injury is the strength that prevents the heart from enlarging to its intended greatness within. The song of the voice is sweet, but the song of the heart is the pure voice of heaven.” Khalil Gibran

(strength, tolerance, pain, forgiveness)



  1. No way Lamiaz !!! it’s magnificent masha’Allah!!
    This is a masterpiece… this is what i call it: words of light. I felt the words so deep!!!
    For me, like Prophet Muhammad SAWS taught us, strength is not about being phisically strong, but rather it is about controlling my anger. This is really what i’m trying to teach myself. For i know, when i became able to control that beast within, i would be able to control anything else, or even anybody!! It just takes time… which is the hardest part of it!!! However, Allahu al mosta3an 🙂
    Sorry for this lengthy reply… but glad to be almost the first to comment 🙂
    Pls keep this blog… do not forget it like the old one 😉

  2. First of all….welcome Lamiaz to the world of blogging 😀
    Concerning the post, I think strength is born in the heart and grows in the head; it is like to believe in a certain feeling and maitain it. In a certain point, this feeling will be supported by reason to turn into an aim. The more strain resistant and durable this aim is, the stronger it becomes. This is my definition of strength. Allahu a3lam 🙂

    Excellent start…I liked the quotations so much:)

  3. Wonderful maa shaa Allah .. it seems that we have more than one writer … actually you are three now 🙂 Such inspiring words .. maa shaa Allah…

    I guess strength can be divided into two parts .. one that is internally and another that is externally… we need both .. we need to feel good about ourselves and comfortable with the decisions we make in our lives… big or small and we also need that external force that would help us stick to that decision no matter how hard or difficult it may seem… but the problem will always remain how to choose this external force that would help you go ahead instead of nailing you down 🙂

    Yalla conjure us another wonderful thought like this….:)

  4. Masha’Allah ya lamia, very right opinion about strenght, to me: strenght is a will, if you own strong internal will so you r very strong your strong will …nothing will beat u,even dangerous disease.
    but internal strenght does not mean that u r a stone…on can be very strong person with very thoughtful & loveing heart.

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