Posted by: lamiaz | February 10, 2008

A Land Called Paradise..

Jan, 14, 08

 Salam all,

A friend sent me this video and several things struck me while watching it…

1- It is good, really good
2- A girl directed and produced it (Yes, I notice these things!!!)
3- The song is very country/western

I later found out that Kareem Salama, the singer and composer, is a Muslim country singer. This video is produced by MAS (Muslim American Society) for Muslim youth and non-Muslims as part of their outreach program.

Aside from the video, which is really good (did I say that already?) what resonated with me was the fact that we are more likely to put down our own fears, most private and inner thoughts and even what others mistakingly think (and stereotype) of us on paper, rather than speaking them out loud.

Why is that? Do you see this in your own use of e-mails, notes, blogs and other outlets?


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