Posted by: lamiaz | February 10, 2008

Australia’s Surfing Imam..

December 6, 07

Very interesting and promising news mashAllah…

So… Australia has a new breed of Imams, born in the country, fluent in the language of the youths and more importantly practicing their lives as any Australian would normaly.

Below is a link to a BBC feature story on an Australian imam, also an avid surfer, who represents this new breed.

So the question now raises itself…

What about Muslims elsewhere? Don’t we need similar forces of change in predominantly Muslim countries? Or do we have to be living in a non-Muslim community for us to begin seeing such examples?

What would it be like if we had more mentors, counselors and spiritual leaders who not only have ‘shar3e’ knowledge but can also relate to us.

Can you think of people who already fit this criteria?

I know I can 🙂


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