Posted by: lamiaz | February 10, 2008

‘National Priorities Project’ – A stepping stone towards…?

good_network.jpg  September 11, 07

A friend of mine (thanks Zeina al-Khaleil) sent me the link for the ‘National Priorities Project’ which I am already in love with. It features statistics and calculations of federal trade-offs in relation to the cost of the war on I-raq.

Just think of what would happen if every tax payer and voter was to visit this site and question their senator/representative on their stand towards the war on Iraq.

So the burning question here is (and since it is question, I demand an answer, pls): Even if Americans were more aware of the ramifications of ‘the war on Iraq’ on their economy as well as every aspect of their immediate and long-term future, would they be able to make a difference? Or has politicians long won the race?

And if so, what can we do other than raise awareness, keep our fingers crossed, pray, yell at the TV, and get frustrated at our apparent helplessness?

Over and out..


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